Product Testing and Optimization has been at the core of our business for 30 years.

We have mastered all the ingredients for accurate and timely Central Location Testing at great prices :

A proprietary testing studio with a totally controlled environment and all the necessary equipment including professional refrigerators and test kitchens.

Unique level of experience in organizing projects - all project directors have 10 years of experience in the specific methodology .

Benchmarking of the procedure and standards to compare results to , from hundreds of thousands of consumers along more than a hundred categories.

A dedicated team of supervisors, sample preparation staff, recruiters and interviewers - described by a client as a ballet company because of the precision of their moves.

Can be combined with concept testing, communication testing, package testing, home usage test. 

We are committed to quality and best practice.

STOHOS Research was one of the first ever ESOMAR , EPHRMA and AQR Greek members and one of the first 100 agencies globally to commit to a ESOMAR CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP. 

We strongly believe that a succesful project depends on good understanding and planning. 

Even a seemingly simple fieldwork only project can benefit from our expertise : we make certain the questionnaire works in the designated target group and we support with insights for analysis. 

Who We Are 

strategic planning


Market Survey

STOHOS Research (from the Greek word στόχος (stokhos, "aim" or "target", also the root of the word stochastic ) is a full service ad hoc research and consultancy agency founded in 1979, as one of the first 5 research agencies in Greece.

With our 30+ years of experience we have the expertise and the capacity to serve client needs in a proficient, efficient and timely manner and to give added value to every part of the research process.

Through our international affiliations and presence we are early adopters of technology to facilitate processes and discovery : we take pride in being the first agency in Greece to have FocusVision enabled facilities, to have a propriatary sensory studio for product testing, to install a real supermarket with aisles to be used for eye tracking methodologies. 

Link with our Managing Director Ioanna Mitropoulou, to discover more about how we can add value to your business ! 


industry best practices

We go a long way in the healthcare market.

A pioneer in healthcare research since 1980 we have conducted hundreds of qualitative and quantitative projects.

We have a unique breadth of experience having conducted projects in almost any disease area and depth in terms of exposure to the different phases of product introduction.

Key areas of practice :

Market understanding and access

 Treatment decisions understanding and reflection 
 Company / brand image
 Patient conditions
 Communication material evaluation / optimization / co-creation 

Contact us to learn more about how we have facilitate your research with payors, KOLs, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, caregivers, patients. 





What we can do for you 

STOHOS Research is a full service agency with  in-house fieldwork , quality control and processing departments for full commitment to projects and timely delivery. 

​We are proficient with all traditional and innovative methodologies : quantitative through pen and paper (though we tend to prefer stylus and tablet nowadays, even when offline), online with your panel, our proprietary validated panel, street recruitment when needed, qualitative focus groups, IDIs, TDIs, online communities, ethnography , shop alongs, mystery shopping.

We have experience in hundreds of different products and services and we specialize in concept development and optimization, product testing and optimization, B2B and Healthcare Research.

With 30 years of experience in a variety of markets and methodologies we can design and support your project with effectiveness, efficiency, and provide insightful value added in every step of the process : project design and methodology, fieldwork execution, analysis and reporting, relevant and actionable recommendations that reflect your priorities and our expertise. 


Business Consulting



STOHOS has the breadth and depth of experience to support every project with expertise and perspective.

We have worked on thousands of projects in a variety of industries, stages of the product cycle and market situations. The so-called Greek crisis is not the first crisis we have been doing research through. And this is important in terms of project planning and insights generation.

Understanding shopping behavior is at the core of your business - be it offline, online or mobile we have the tools to understand this behavior in detail and provide you with actionable insights on how to maximize the impact of your brand.

And to do so we have even built OUR OWN SUPERMARKET ! 

Can be used for behaviour understanding (thorugh shop along, eye tracking, video , note taking), package stand out, promotions optimization , TURF and many more.

Shopper Understanding goes beyond the borders of the Super Market for specialty shops with traditional methodologies (U&A, focus groups, IDIs), shops alongs and ethnography, and digital explorations through website eshop evaluations, usability testing and online communities.

Book an appointment with our MD and find out more ! 

We love innovation and respect tradition. 

We adopt innovation and adapt it to the needs of each client and project.

We invent solutions for those cases that the tecnhques intended internationally have execution difficulties in Greece. 

Our real Super Market is such a case. READ MORE